Urban Environment and Health guide by Diputación de Barcelona

Barcelona Council  activates the new version of the Online Guide "Urban Environment and Health" with the collaboration of PMMT and its Friendly Materials team. 

The aim of this guide is to create urban environments that encourage people to live healthy and to minimize those environmental factors that may pose a risk for the citizens.

The Guide is made up of a total of 72 information sheets, structured in five areas that set the urban environment: citizen participation, urban planning, public space, equipment and housing. The effects of climate change on health and well-being are also included. The "facilities" block was reviewed and written up by our experts in the field of Healthy Spaces and is made up of a total of 16 sheets. Each card is designed to enable the reader to obtain as much information as possible in an accessible and easy way. To this end, each card details with maximum fairness the objectives, proposals, reference experiences, regulations and technical documentation that must be taken into account when working on each of the subjects. 

You may consult information sheets on the incidence of Indoor Air Quality and Volatile Organic Compounds, on Lipoatrophia Semicircularis, on Inclusive Signage, among others. 

All the information is available at: www.diba.cat/en/web/entorn-urba-i-salut/guia-en-linia