What is Friendly Materials?

A benchmark methodology for healthy design: BETTER CHOICES, HEALTHIER SPACES.

Why friendly materials?

Because 50% of the world population lives in cities.

Because city inhabitants spend almost 90% of their time indoors.

And because the pollution concentration indoors reaches levels up to 5 times higher than outdoors.

Friendly Materials® is the result of a research work that objectively analyses a series of chemical substances, building materials, building systems and indoor areas, based on how they may affect human health.

Build on the obtained parameters, it is possible to design and construct architectural spaces that actively contribute to its occupant’s health.

This analytical assessment tool also enables to objectively evaluate existing indoor areas and propose improvement actions. 

What do we do?

We provide information on chemical substances that are commonly found in building materials: both beneficial and harmful. 

We share the acquired knowledge on chemical substance to avoid: Friendly Materials@ ALERT LIST.

We stand for a precautionary principle, and we consider urgent to avoid the substances from the Friendly Materials® ALERT LIST whenever possible.


We rank building materials relying on an objective calculation methodology, that combines several parameters that have an impact on human health.  

We share with everyone our healthy materials library: your guide to achieve a friendly indoor environment with high health standards. 

We assign a score for each assessed product, and we rank it on its own category.  

The healthiest products obtain a gold, silver or bronze medal


We study the combination of the several building materials needed to define a room — it's building systems — based on health criteria.

We analyse building systems based on the score obtained by each material that composes the building system and by the type of contact it has with the indoor air.  

We combine the highest ranked building systems in search for optimal solutions and to guarantee healthy indoor areas.


The information gathered on the previous 3 groups enables the assessment and rating of indoor areas. We calculate the health level of indoor areas that are permanently occupied, and we propose improvement actions, adapted to each case.

We advise other technical teams during the project stage.

We design the best spaces for your health, that offer maximum life quality to its users.

Who we are

Friendly Materials® inspired by PMMT is a methodology developed by the R&D department of PMMT, born as part of a 3-year research process.  

PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture is a team of architects with extensive experience in advance healthcare architecture. We pay special attentions to the bond established between architecture, economy, universal accessibility and healthy environments, acquiring an important commitment to our clients and society.

At PMMT we promote creativity, innovation and research as essential tools for architecture optimization, progress and improvement. We strategically integrate all the involved players as an inherent part of the design process.

At PMMT we progress day to day in what matters the most: people’s well being.

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