Efficiency and safety at work: the value of healthy and accessible environments

On Tuesday, June 26th, in Madrid, Luis Gotor, associate architect of PMMT, together with the architect and Friendly Materials® Manager, Rita Barata, participated in the 'Efficiency and safety day at work: the value of healthy and accessible environments', aimed at large companies, and with which PMMT positioned itself as a benchmark in the design of healthy and inclusive workspaces.

The conference, jointly organized by PMMT, FullAudit and Prevent Foundation, reviewed the most innovative initiatives related to safety, accessibility, productivity and efficiency in work environments. This conference also helped to presentate Friendly Materials® and Clear Code Architecture in Madrid, two methods developed by PMMT to measure the impact of building materials on health and the level of universal accessibility of the building, respectively.

It was also attended by Juan Carlos Saez, auditor of FullAudit; Germán Canavete, advisor and senior consultant at OTP; Manuela Brinques, Technical Director of FullAudit; and Javier Garcia González, manager of SMA D. Patrimonial Management at Repsol.