Friendly Materials® at COAM's MEET-MAT conference

On April 4th, the Material Gallery of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) hosted the MEET-MAT, a technical conference within its sustainability cycle titled: "Healthcare Architecture and Empathy". 

Rita Barata, Friendly Materials® Manager, explained on how our analytical methodology helps introduce the health criterion in the process of selecting building materials. Healthier choices will guarantee that no material affects the indoor air quality and, consequently, the health of it's occupants. In addition to our representative, the cast of speakers was composed by Rui Maia (IDOM architect expert in health), José Luis Candia (manager of the LLEDÓ GROUP), Alberto Sáez (architect and project manager in ENERO Architecture), Marta Parra (architect in PARRA-MULLER Maternity Architecture), Peter Mayer (Technical Department in KEIM Ecopaint IBÉRICA) and Esteban Domínguez (PhD in Industrial Engineering and Technical Director at ACIX). 

The conference completed capacity with professionals from different areas, demonstrating the great interest of the thematic that correlates well-being, health and architecture. 

Relive the whole day through the video. Friendly Materials®' speech starts in the 58:42 minute.